Fresh Air Workouts

Fresh Air Workouts

Written by Kristine Ciardiello

My previous article for the series Fitness Friday focused on changing up your exercise
routine by challenging yourself to get out of your fitness routine, such as attending a
group exercise class. The article ran on February 18, 2020. Can you think of any major
phenomenon that transpired between then and now that totally upended our way of life?
No? Well, we now are encountering and existing in a society that was completely
unimaginable just three and a half months ago. Life as we knew it: that is not a reality
we live in at this moment in time. There is a new proverbial “sheriff” in town, and we all
need to follow its rules, for the betterment of both ourselves and our community at large.
After making some adjustments before, some of us will need to change up our fitness
routine AGAIN!

Although life is slowly turning back to some normalcy up here in Connecticut, we are still
spending more time at home. Some of us are working from home, others are finding
more time on their hands. The inherent lack of structure in our daily lives could lead
one to be less motivated to work out. As summer continues in full swing, the continued
warm weather makes it desirable to spend our free time in the outdoors. With the days
long and temperatures exceedingly warm, motivating oneself to exercise just got that
much easier!

YouTube videos, Facebook Live and Zoom have kept people connected to their studios
and gyms, thus assisting in maintaining a consistent fitness regimen. Over time, you
may start to feel confined constantly working out in your home. A quick fix could be to
take your workout outside. There are a variety of options for creating an effective
outdoor workout.

What is the best part of moving your workout outside? It’s easy! It is as simple as lacing
up a pair of sneakers, walking out the door and running or walking for thirty minutes.
Thirty minutes of cardio five days a week is a great foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
Furthermore, you can add timed intervals of sprinting or speed walking, which will yield
a more variable heartrate. If you feel even more ambitious, after warming up with some
cardio, you can continue your workout in the sun in the comforts of your backyard.
There are a plethora of strength training exercises that could be done at home, with no
equipment necessary. One of my personal favorites is forward stepping lunges around
the house. Pushups and tricep pushups could be done anywhere as well as squats,
jump squats, curtsy lunges, and jumping jacks, just to name a few.

If you miss your friends at the studio or gym, no problem. To remedy this loss, organize
a small group and meet somewhere where you can properly socially distance, like one
of our many beautiful public beaches along the shoreline, and walk together or enjoy a
group stretching routine!

Sunshine, a dash of creativity and a healthy portion of motivation are all you need for a
fun outdoor workout!

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