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Our signature workout – You won’t find this class anywhere else! Define your physique and burn serious calories using resistance bands hanging from the ceiling to stretch, sweat, strengthen and slenderize your entire body. The dynamic combination of principles of pilates, resistance training, barre and barefoot cardio will leave you feeling lighter, stronger and full of energy.


This no nonsense, results oriented fitness method is tough but safe while building flexibility and strength equally. Barre is a body shaping workout combining strength training, orthopedic back exercises, dance and hatha yoga all wrapped into an hour of mind-body exercises to leave you feeling simply amazing. Sticky socks are strongly recommended.

Muscle Pump

This strength training class uses free weights to target all major muscle groups of the body with choreographed movement to music. This fun and motivating all-level workout will sculpt the body using light to moderate weights with high repetitions. Get toned while listening to some great tunes! Sneakers required.

Bands and Barre

A perfect combination of our signature Barefoot Bands™ class and Barre. Enjoy 30 minutes under the Bands followed by 30 minutes at the Barre.

Boot Camp

This intense workout welcomes all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities and focuses on developing the individual to reach your maximum fitness level! Expect to target all your major muscle groups using your own body weight, free weights, bands and balls while burning serious calories. Finish off this power hour with a relaxing, full body stretch.

Gentle Yoga

Connect mind and body, while slowing down and releasing tension. This yoga class provides a soothing sequence to promote flexibility, create calm in the mind and restore balance and harmony in a mindful practice of breath, gentle movement and meditation. This yoga class is for all levels to enjoy.

Cardio Yoga Flow

Power Flow Yoga is the perfect combination of sweat, strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. This yoga class is a combination of fast, one breath one movement, and longer holds. Tap into a blend of balance, core strength, and functional movement. Because it is rigorous, you’ll burn more calories than most traditional forms of yoga and therefore helps with weight loss. Designed with modifications in mind, this yoga class is for all levels to enjoy.

Strength & Core

Experience increased muscle tone and strength with 30 minutes of standing strength work utilizing weights, bands, tubing and medicine balls followed by 30 minutes of deep core work on the floor.

Pilates Reformer

The Reformer is a sophisticated system of springs, straps, pulleys and a rolling platform. Joseph Pilates called it the Reformer because it “reforms the body back to the way it’s intended to move”. It works in two ways: It provides resistance to build strong muscles and bones, and it can act as an additional muscle to aid the body on its path to health while you work towards efficient movement patterns with assistance. This class may also include work on the Tower which works to correct imbalances in the body and to stretch and tone muscles.Open to all levels. New clients must first be cleared by on of our certified teachers before attending group classes. This is required for safety reasons.

Pilates Tower

Unlike mat and reformer, the pilates tower doesn’t offer a set classical order. The majority of tower exercises focus on one area of the body at a time, making it easier to isolate muscle groups. Expect variations and quick advancement using springs to sculpt and strengthen every major muscle group in the body!

Pilates Chair

The Pilates Chair is a small piece of equipment with a padded seat and springs designed to give a total body workout with emphasis on lower and upper body. In this group class clients can expect to be challenged to increase strength and find improvement in conditioning by practicing classical Pilates movements while standing, sitting, climbing, pushing and lifting as well as balance exercises. We will focus on core, upper body strength as well as shoulder stability, mobility and functional movements. Think big workout on small equipment! All levels welcome!

Cardio Reformer

A traditional reformer routine with bouts of jumping interspersed throughout the class to get your heart pumping. Adding the jumpboard brings additional plyometric and cardio benefits to the reformer work.

Pilates Equipment Circuit

Previous pilates equipment experience required. Experience the benefits of the classic apparatus – reformer, tower, chair and barrel! Learn how the unique qualities of each piece serves its own special purpose in your pilates practice.

Pilates Equipment for Beginners

All students are required to attend a minimum of one private lesson prior to attending group equipment classes. A great place for people who are new to the studio to start and an excellent refresher for experienced students to revisit. This class is designed to teach you how to use the equipment safely, as well as master the important principles of pilates. All levels welcome but focus is on basic, beginner-level instruction with a toned down pace. Expect an intense, form-focused and safely instructed experience!

Classic Pilates Mat

Pilates Mat is a series of floor exercises designed by Joseph Pilates that focus on breath, concentration, control, centering and precision. These exercises are designed to uniformly strengthen the body as a whole creating a balance of strength and flexibility.




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