Finding Your Way Out of Your Fitness Funk

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Have you ever been in a “funk,” more specifically, an exercise “funk”? I believe there are many times when all of us might answer “Yes” to this question.  Like most things in life, a regular regimen of exercise goes through its ups and downs. Life happens!  Events such as job changes, moving, becoming new parents, death of a loved one, illness, menopause, divorce, “empty nest” syndrome or just the daily grind can be obstacles for maintaining a healthy fitness routine.

With the rise in options for home workout routines – The Peloton Bike, Mirror Home Gym or the thousands of videos online – squeezing a workout into a busy day is attainable.  However, working out at home could become mundane, unmotivating and lonely.

Working out alone is one of the many reasons that people lose interest and ultimately drop their weekly workouts. A perfect solution to this common problem is to join a gym or studio with group fitness classes.  According to, the top five reasons people love group fitness classes are:

  1. Expert Guidance with no guesswork
  2. Accountability to create a workout routine
  3. Social Support
  4. Exploring movement in a new way
  5. Fitness and fun rolled into one

My personal favorite is making new friends. By attending group exercise classes on a regular basis, you will run into familiar faces.  After awhile you get to know one another and look forward to seeing your new friends each week. We are living in a society where technology is creating a disconnect among people: working from home is more the norm than going to the office and handheld devices have made us less sociable.  When you walk into a group exercise class, you leave your device in your gym bag, you have real conversations with your new friends AND you get your “sweat on”!

So, if you find yourself in an exercise “funk,” go outside your comfort zone and try something different.  There are a variety of classes you can take, such as an aerobic style class to get your heart rate up and work up a good sweat. Another day try a strength training class and build muscle and support good bone health. If you are struggling with balance, stability and tightness, try some Pilates classes.  Whatever your mood or needs might be, there is a class waiting for you! Achieving your personal best in health and wellness can simply be done by “changing it up.” There is a new and exciting fitness routine waiting for you. What’s stopping you from going out and getting it!

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