5 Ways Resistance Bands Will End Your Resistance to Exercise!

5 Ways Resistance Bands Will End Your Resistance to Exercise!

Written by Susan Kaempf

The use of resistance bands for exercise goes back a few decades, gaining popularity in the
early 1990’s. Prior to the introduction of resistance band training, those seeking the benefits of
weight training were generally limited to barbells, dumbbells and exercise machines. While free
weights and machines remain popular among gym goers, resistance bands offer unique and
exciting advantages, making them more popular. They are lightweight, portable and offer many
options. Thus, resistance band training was born! These tools are commonly used to
rehabilitate injuries and to strengthen and tone muscles. Free weight training relies on mass
and gravity, limiting the range of motion. Resistance bands provide the user with a much greater
range of exercise options and movements.

One benefit of training with resistance bands is the VERSATILITY, both in terms of the wide
variety of exercises they accommodate and the range of movement available. These are
functional movements that not only improve strength but also promote length and flexibility.
The benefits of resistance band training apply not only to flexibility and muscular strength but
also to your BONES. Band training functions as weight bearing exercise, stimulating bone
growth to create a stronger, denser musculoskeletal system. This is particularly important as
we age.

A third benefit of using Bands is SAFETY. Since resistance bands apply a minimum load on
muscles and connective tissues, the risk of injury is much lower than working with free weights.
Bands are often used in physical therapy and rehab and are a great choice for anyone dealing
with existing injuries or joint pain, allowing you to perform exercises that might not be possible
with free weights or machines.

Resistance bands are beneficial for ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS. Bands come in a variety of
resistance levels and provide a great workout for everyone from beginners all the way up to
professional athletes (ask Tom Brady, as bands are his preferred method of training!). They’re
also perfectly suited for seniors and pre and post-natal women.

Resistance Bands offer an effective FULL BODY WORKOUT and are frequently used in
disciplines as diverse as strength training, Yoga, Pilates and Barre. There’s really no limit to
what you can do, incorporating and attacking every single muscle and joint in the body. From
head to toe and from muscle to joint, bands have got you covered!

When you combine resistance band training with cardio and a healthy diet, you have a perfect
recipe for a strong, flexible, fit body and one that will last a lifetime!

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