Stay FIT with HIIT this Holiday Season

Stay FIT with HIIT this Holiday Season

Written by Melissa Bonner

The sights, shopping stress, and especially the smells that make up the “most wonderful
time of the year” can make it a real challenge to keep up with your fitness goals. While
we might all want to act like Santa come Dec. 26th – stuffed with cookies, napping in a
big recliner – instead, challenge yourself to unwrap the gift of fitness. It starts with a
simple plan, a dash of discipline, and voila, you’ll be able to both enjoy the holidays, and
indulgences that come with them, and keep up with your personal wellness goals!

Step 1: Make yourself a priority this holiday season. We spend so much time planning
and scheduling scores of holiday parties and gatherings, we neglect ourselves and our
fitness. Rather than throwing in the towel and starting over after the new year,
restructure your workouts. Don’t have time for the gym? You can get an intense workout
in your own living room in 20 to 30 minutes that helps keep you energized throughout
the day, the week, and right into the new year.

Step 2: Have a workout plan. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a quick, highly
effective way to train your body. HIIT training focuses on intervals of intense bursts of
activity followed by short recovery periods. These workouts are designed to get your
heart rate up and burn fat – and cookies – in a short amount of time. The best part? You
don't need equipment. Your bodyweight will provide just as intense a workout, trust me.

Step 3: That dash of discipline. Schedule 20-30 minutes for yourself and stick to your
plan. Give yourself a little space to move, have some water nearby, and HIIT this
workout with all the holiday spirit you can muster!

Warmup: 3-5 minutes (jog in place, jumping jacks, high march, squats, walkouts)
Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between.
1. High Knees (engages core, works the legs, gets the heart rate up)
2. Mountain Climbers (improves mobility while working multiple muscle groups))
3. Squat Jumps (tones quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and core)
4. Push Ups (strengthens lower back, core, triceps, pectorals, and shoulders)
5. Fast Feet (improves speed and agility)

Aim to repeat all moves 4-6 times through. Make sure to cooldown and stretch properly
at the end of this workout.

In this season of giving, plan for and give yourself the gift of staying on track with your
fitness goals. Wishing you a Merry Fitmas and a Happy New Rear!

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