Spring has Sprung, Social Distancing, an Absolute Necessity! It is a Fantastic Opportunity to Take Your Workout Outside!

Spring has Sprung, Social Distancing, an Absolute Necessity! It is a Fantastic Opportunity to Take Your Workout Outside!

Written by Kate Wilson-Perez

It’s finally Spring! April has come in like a lion and we find ourselves in a world that is
unfamiliar and uncertain. Social distancing is keeping us apart and away from our gyms
and regular workout routines. While all of this is uncharted territory, it does not have to
mean the end of your healthy lifestyle! Instead, look at this as an opportunity to start a
new routine and take your workouts outside. With our kids homeschooling, why not
grab that young athlete and take him/her with you. It’s a great way for them to stay in
shape while school and organized athletics are on hold. It can also be a great way to
bond with your kids in new and different ways.

We are lucky enough to live in an area chock full of wonderful state park hiking trails,
lakes, beaches, parks and athletic fields; all perfect places to workout while maintaining
social distance. I have put a few fun workouts together for you to help you get moving
and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle – outside! This may be just the nudge you
need to bring new life to your workouts. You will be amazed at how changing up your
routine and taking it outside can keep you and your young athletes on track so you can
continue to meet all your goals of staying healthy and fit.

Bleacher Workout (15-20 Reps 2x Through):
1. Alternating step-ups with knee drives
2. High knee toe taps
3. Incline or decline pushups
4. Tricep dips
5. Box jumps (both feet onto bleacher)
6. Side lunge squats (1 leg on upper bleacher other on lower then switch)
7. Run up and downs

Outdoor HIIT no equipment necessary! (do this one in your yard/neighborhood)
1. Run/jog ½ mile (to warm up)
2. 20 squats
3. 20 pushups

4. Sprinting Mailbox Tag Round 1: Start on one side of the street first. Sprint to the
first mailbox on the street then sprint back to your starting point, sprint to the next
mailbox up, sprint back to start – keep going back and forth until you have
sprinted to each mailbox on one side of the street.
5. 20 reverse lunges (or lunge jumps to add intensity) on each leg
6. Tricep dips or tricep pushups
7. Sprinting Mailbox Tag Round 2 – same thing but opposite side of the street
8. 20 squat jumps
9. 20 full situps
10. 20 bicycle crunches

When you are hiking the amazing trails in our state parks, challenge yourself to sprint
up each hill you come to throughout your hike. This is a simple way to add intensity to
your usual running/walking/hiking workout.

While we are riding out this strange and unusual time in our lives, stay safe and
remember social distancing will save lives! But this doesn’t mean your workouts have to
suffer. Take it outside, mix it up and make it fun!

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