Meet Me at the Barre!

Meet Me at the Barre!

Written by Joanne Platanos


What is Barre?

Barre stems from ballet, but you don’t have to be a dancer! It is a fusion of ballet,
pilates and yoga with added cardio blasts choregraphed to fun, energetic music. The
class is designed using proper alignment for safety and incorporates cardio, strength
training, balance and core exercises targeting full body 360 -degree muscle activation.
Props are often used in class, including hand weights, resistance bands, Pilates ball
and gliders.

The movements are all about improving range of motion, strength and flexibility. After
the small isometric micro-moves, stretches are sprinkled in to aid in recovery and
reduce muscle bulk. You will achieve mind-body connection by zeroing in on a specific
recruitment of muscles.

What to expect?

The class typically begins with a warm up followed by upper body transitioning into mat
work including planks, push-ups, etc. It continues by moving to the barre for legs and
glute work, interspersed cardio blasts and stretching. The class ends with core work
and cool down on the mat.

You may find your muscles quiver or shake during the workout even if you engage in
other types of workouts, such as running, indoor cycling and HIIT. Barre uses different
muscle fibers and aims to take them to exhaustion, hence the shakes (which are
normal!). Ultimately, this helps your endurance and overall fitness. There are
modifications for everyone no matter your fitness level – even those experiencing
arthritis and joint problems!

Benefits of Barre?

There are several benefits of incorporating Barre into your fitness routine, including:
1. Low impact cardio blast enhances your cardiovascular fitness
2. Stretching improves your posture and flexibility
3. Targeting large muscles, thighs and glutes burns more calories
4. One legged-poses at the barre are great for bone density and help ward off
5. Core exercises keep your back healthy and can aid in recovery


So why is Barre so popular? In addition to the physical benefits outlined above, you will
leave class feeling accomplished and empowered for the rest of your day! The Barre
community is also a wonderful and supportive one, encouraging everyone in the studio
to work just a little harder for just a little longer. See you at the “barre!”

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