An avid fitness enthusiast, runner and skier, Kristine Ciardello has been instructing fitness classes on the shoreline for 17 years. She first became interested in Pilates to enhance her running and weight training. The amazing changes she saw in her body and strength inspired her to pursue a professional Pilates certification. Today she is a level 3 certified Peak Pilates teacher and works with people of all ages, fitness levels and special populations. Her deep conviction that perfect health comes from a healthy moving body inspires her to continue her study of bodies in motion.
Kristine strives to teach her students how to re-align their bodies, strengthen their core and create healthy movement patterns with total spinal stability. Her deep understanding of the Classical approach to Pilates enables her students to take what they learn in the studio and apply it to every day life. She believes that learning is an ongoing process and has studied under some of the most renowned Pilates teachers alive today. She continues her studies by regularly attending seminars and work shops. Today Kristine teaches private Pilates lessons, small group classes, spinning and strength training. She encourages her students to work hard, have fun and to enjoy Pilates and all of its benefits.



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