Jennifer has studied Pilates since 2006 and has been teaching the Peak Pilates® method since 2012. She was first introduced to Pilates after suffering a neck injury as a result of an automobile accident. Pilates changed her life by focusing on her core strength, posture and overall mind-body awareness, in doing so she regained full range of motion in her neck and alleviated her pain entirely. As a result of her experience with Pilates, she changed her career so she could help other people achieve the same results.

She has been trained by highly regarded leaders in the close-knit community of classical Pilates. Jenn is a disciplined student as well as instructor and she is currently training under Mary Bowen, the most Senior Elder still teaching, who studied under Joseph and Clara Pilates for six and a half years.

Jennifer has an innate ability to connect with students of all ages. She is patient and caring and provides a safe environment to promote learning, allowing students to explore their own potential. She has worked with celebrities, competitive athletes, and is sought out by high level executives from across the country. She also enjoys teaching teens and adults of all fitness levels and with limitations such as neck, shoulder and back as well as hip and knee conditions.

Pilates is a unique discipline designed to work from the inside-out focusing on core stability, flexibility, and quality of movement. With Jenn’s guidance students develop greater body awareness, strength, and confidence. Through Pilates they are able to feel and see results quickly.

In her spare time Jenn’s caring nature has provided her the opportunity to work as a Companion to the clients at Privé-Swiss.



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