Fitness Friday: Why the Hype Over HIIT?

Fitness Friday: Why the Hype Over HIIT?

Written by Athena Thompson


In a world of never-ending information and trends in the fitness industry, it’s easy to get confused.  Should we jump, run, bike, lift weights or swim? Should we do all of it, or none? Not knowing what to do, or when, or how, is when we get frustrated, that frustration leading to another season of sitting on the couch.

Not this year!  One tried and true method of exercise is called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.  The idea is based on the premise that we need to work hard to see results, but our body isn’t capable of sprinting, for instance, for 30 minutes straight.  Instead, we do short bursts of intense exercise, followed by a rest. Knowing there is a recovery, or break coming, we are able to work as hard as we can through the interval first.  One of the reasons it works is that it TORCHES calories by revving your metabolism. Another, and perhaps best reason HIIT should be in your exercise repertoire, is that ANY BODY can do it!  A good class will meet your body where it is, so that you work as hard as YOU can, not your neighbor or the trainer. Workouts can change as often as your mood, so you’ll never get bored either.  You can take a class, hit the nearest park and use body weight exercises, or workout in your living room…the possibilities are endless.

Here’s an example of how easily you can do this workout…your total workout is only 15-20 minutes long, and we’ve given you beginning and more difficult ways to do these basic exercises:  You can do these movements with weights or without. Do what you can, enjoy being successful at any level, and love your results!
After a 2-3 minute warm-up, which can include big movements such as squats, side reaches, knee pulls, body twists and/or walking.


Deep squats or jump squats

Side Plank hold while lifting top leg

Teaser Sit ups


Start with 30 second work and 30 second rest cycles, 3x through, and as your strength and stamina builds, work up to 60 second work and 30 second intervals.  

With 2019 well underway and everyone striving to be successful in their New Year’s Resolution of “being healthier” this year, HIIT is an effective AND efficient way to make that goal a reality.  It will be a gamechanger for your new year, new you outlook on fitness. Good luck, have fun and push yourself to work just a little out of your comfort zone for maximum results!

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