Adding Exercise Into Your Fall Activities

Adding Exercise Into Your Fall Activities

Written by Kate Wilson-Perez

The leaves are turning, the air is cooling and kids are back to school. Fall is here, the time of
year when we fall back into routines and think about getting our fitness goals back on track after
summer vacations and fun. There are many easy ways to add exercise into your fall activities.

Apple picking is a great activity that lets you enjoy the outdoors. Choose an orchard that has
lots of hills to traverse and walk your way through the orchard rather than taking the hay ride
(although DO take the hayride after you have picked all your apples and walked the orchard).

Halloween themed workouts are my favorite way to add some fall spice and lots of fun into your
normal routine. Nothing makes a better prop for exercise than a healthy pumpkin. We lift them,
carve them and add them to our fall decorations. This year, use yours as a workout tool too!
Here are some great exercises you can do; do each exercise for 30 seconds to a minute and
repeat the circuit 2 to 3 times for a quick, efficient, full body workout.

● Lateral lunge – (side to side) push pumpkin up overhead as you return to center
● Wide squat with a bicep curl – (holding the pumpkin in both hands curling it up as you
● Sprint – (either in place or back and forth) holding pumpkin overhead the whole time
● Tricep Dips – Hold the pumpkin in your lap as you perform the exercise
● Tricep Overhead Extension – keep your elbows in close to your ears and hold the
pumpkin in both hands
● Full Situp – holding pumpkin in both hands as you sit up – or make it little curls holding
the pumpkin at your chest

Don’t forget your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Cardio. Do each exercise for 30 seconds to a
minute and repeat 2 to 3 times. Add this to your pumpkin workout for some added cardio:
● High Knee Runs
● Lateral jumps side to side
● Football feet with directional changes

Why not spell out a Halloween word with your workout:
S – Squat knee lifts
P – Push Press
O – Opposite arm, opposite leg rows
O – Overhead press
K – Kickbacks

S – Squat jumps

There are so many great ways to add exercise into fall activities. If you are a runner, biker or
kayaker take advantage of the incredible fall weather to hit the woods for a trail ride/run or hit
the water for a lazy Sunday afternoon paddle. The season of cuddling indoors with a good book
and cozy fires is coming so keep yourself active and energized outdoors while it’s still nice
enough to do so!

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